The Team

Adam Powell, Deva Rajamohanan, Hana Oh, Hayoung Park, Leaena Chinniah
Mengzhen Lian, Sanghyeon Cheon, Sangmin Ha, Sargun Kaur, Seungyeon (Cindy) Nam
Shaurya Taparia, Taeeun Kim, Tania Tumanggor, Yuna Kim, Yunori Sarah Triputri

Lane GracianoAmit Khanna

Lane Graciano & Amit Khanna

Lane and Amit have been co-organizers of TEDxJIS conferences since 2017, inheriting the committee from founding advisor Beata Mirecka-Jakubowska. They are both teachers at Jakarta Intercultural School. Find Lane on and find Amit on

Photos by Sargun Kaur

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