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What fills us with awe: TEDxJISLive 2019 highlights

“Our work endures in memories,” said stage designer Es Devlin, “in synaptic sculptures in the minds of those who were once present in the audience.”

The designer spoke during Session 11 of TED 2019, the session featured at TEDxJISLive on April 27. For the audience present, all the talks were memorable. The speakers and performers evoked a sense of wonder, connecting sand art with trapeze artistry, vocal loops with galaxy maps, and more.

Highlights from TEDxJIS 2019: Solve for X

“It is very interesting to hear others’ opinions. Beyond my expectations. I didn’t expect that I would enjoy it when I bought the ticket.” 

This eye-catching comment, from a post-event survey conducted by TED, was made by a TEDxJIS 2019 attendee. With the theme of Solve for X, the annual conference drew the largest number of participants since TEDxJIS was established five years ago.

‘Emotional … enlightening … honest’: TEDxJISWomen 2018 highlights

Our first TEDxJISWomen conference, held last Saturday, was a big success both inside and outside the JIS community. For many, it was their first TEDxJIS event — including some of the student organizers! Others were loyal attendees who had participated in TEDxJIS events since our salons two years ago. This included Grade 12 student Dewi Laurente, who performed more of her original poems: “Letter to a Woman” and “Morena.”

TEDxJISWomen was a webcast event, so there were no live speakers. Instead, we featured speakers who had just given their talks during the previous week, at the TEDWomen 2018 conference in Palm Springs, California. Thanks to a scholarship from the Skoll Foundation, TEDxJIS co-advisor Lane Graciano had been invited to attend TEDWomen. She shared her experience and a few photos, including one with Chris Anderson, lead curator of the annual TED Conference. It was under Anderson’s guidance that, in 2006, TED posted its first talks online. The videos went viral and TED Talks acquired the well-known tagline, “Ideas Worth Spreading.”

November 2018 News

What’s New

Our venue has been changed to the Multi-Purpose Rooms in the G-Module. There is still time to register! Click the image above for the link. We are also trying to decide which TEDWomen session to stream from the six available sessions. Click to read more …


TED-Ed Weekend, featuring speakers as young as 6th grade, is held in New York City every year. Although we can’t be there, we can attend virtually this year thanks to the TED World Theater setup. Click to see the student speakers! (Photo: Ryan Lash/TED)

Watch This

Square one (emotional intelligence): Daria Constantinescu at TEDxJIS 2016 – After seeing how someone lacking emotional intelligence could be hindered from achieving things, and after looking at her own lack of emotional intelligence, Daria realized that even knowing about emotional intelligence is already a starting point to make a change.

Our Favorite Talks

The surprising habits of original thinkers: Adam Grant at TED2016 – How do creative people come up with great ideas? Organizational psychologist Adam Grant studies “originals”: thinkers who dream up new ideas and take action to put them into the world. Learn three unexpected habits of originals … including what web browsers they use.

Featured image: TED-Ed Big Questions: Education at TEDSummit2016, June 26 – 30, 2016, Banff, Canada. (Photo: Ryan Lash/TED)